June 14, 2010


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The National Needleworks Association: a day in pictures.

TNNA is a test on my will power. I have to refrain from running from the building, arms filled with pilfered skeins, screaming “I couldn’t help myself! It was just so soft and beautiful!”


February 12, 2010

where i work

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I love my job.

I’m sure there are people who say that they like where they work, but I think what they mean is that they don’t mind where they work. For them, work is still work; it’s a means to an end, and if it’s sometimes enjoyable or at least bearable, then it’s a good place to be.

But me? I actually love where I work. When I was in college, I studied fiction writing and editing, and actually served as the editor for three years on the campus literary magazine. Like most students, when I graduated I didn’t have a job waiting for me. I actually started my stint in the “real world” doing collections work for Citibank.

I found the job opening for an Associate Editor position with F+W media in January of 2009. The job required my experience in editing, but it also required a “love or interest in crafts.” Having been a knitter for a little over 2 years at that point, I definitely had an interest in crafts. I loved to knit, and enjoyed other crafty endeavors as well: scrapbooking, amateur sewing, and even rag quilting from time to time.I submitted my resume and figured that if I didn’t hear back, at least I took a shot at it.

I didn’t hear back.

Until March. I received an email asking if I was still interested in the position. I arranged an interview, nervously attended, answered questions and smiled a lot, and went home, convinced that I hadn’t gotten it. Four days after my birthday, in April, I got the call I’d been waiting for. I was hired!

F+W Media, under the imprints of Krause Publications and North Light Books, publishes 50-70 books that are specifically related to crafts: sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, mixed media, and a variety of others that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category (painting rocks, anyone?) Since my hire date in April, I’ve edited about 6 different books, including a knitting book called Take-Along Knitting. It’s so thrilling to see my name on that second page, even if it’s tiny. In some small way, it feels like my book.

Some of the books we publish. Check out Take-Along Knitting and Knitting Brioche!

This week I had an author in town for a step-by-step shoot. It’s a week where we shoot photos of the projects being assembled, from start to finish. It’s an extremely detail-oriented, and often exhausting part of my job, but it’s also one of my favorite parts. I have the privilege of meeting artists from across the country, from jewelry designers to encaustic wax painters, who love their craft as much as I love mine.

Shooting a step for the book.

Shooting a step for the book.

Author Tammy Kushnir, hard at work.


I’ve been so busy in the studio, we’ve had to push our bunny dates to 10pm or later each night. I’m happy to say that, despite a bad scuffle over the weekend (Phoebe’s fur went flying everywhere after that fight) we’ve succeeded in getting both rabbits to groom each other without much of a fuss. Phoebe likes to nibble on Hector’s head and fur; he doesn’t seem to mind though.

My name is Hector, and I'm a hay-aholic.

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend!