June 3, 2010

a bit away

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I apologize in advance for the long bout of radio silence. Alas, I cannot guarantee it won’t happen again, but I will try to be more diligent.

We have been busy! I moved into a new place in Ft. Mitchell, with Z and my little brother, who is 18 and graduating from high school on Friday. It hasn’t come without its own set of unique challenges. Evan tends to ball up his dirty socks and leave them inside-out in the hamper; he leaves gunked-up bowls in the sink. His diet consists chiefly of ramen and beefaroni. In short . . . he’s an 18-year-old boy.

But overall, this experiment in in-house birth control is going pretty well. We’ve had a smattering of arguments, but nothing to throw anyone out over.

What else has happened? . . .

  • I knit this:

Pattern: Owl Baby Vest
Yarn: Encore Worsted
Started: May 7, 2010
Finished: May 13, 2010

Notes: I knit this up in less than a week for a coworker who is now on maternity leave, expecting her first child. Technically, it’s the first baby item I’ve ever made; I guess this means I don’t know many babies. The Encore Worsted was okay, but it’s also 50% acrylic, and I have a vendetta against synthetics. I’m sure it will stand up well to baby drool though.

I chose green because the sex of the baby is a surprise.

  • I spun this:

This was Jacob wool, handspun woolen on my Kiwi (loooove that wheel), for my dear friend Lynne. She and I went to a wool festival in Lexington in early May, and I convinced her to buy some roving for me to spin up for her. It’s surprisingly soft and very lofty (that long draw method, you know) and still has that earthy, yummy lanolin smell. I was sorry to see it go, but I know it will be cherished.

  • I took the plunge:

After much deliberation, I finally gathered the courage to submit a quasi-proposal for a knitting book to Jenni. That’s right: a real, live knitting book, with patterns that I design myself. I pitched it to her, and got positive response. I can’t say much more right now, but come the end of July, I might have some really awesome news.

Until then, though, I’m going to chill on the couch, drink my diet cherry 7-up, and watch reruns of Futurama. Cheerios!


April 1, 2010

birthday birthday

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It’s been an absolutely lovely day. I am 24 today.

I woke up to freshly brewed coffee that Z made (he had snuck out last night and bought a coffee maker for me, and then programmed it to brew for this morning). I came into the office with a card from all my coworkers and two BIG bundles of fiber waiting for me (from Jenni).

Blue and purple: 85% merino, 15% silk; Blue, pink and orange: 70% Seacell, 30% silk

I was able to go out to lunch with Jenni, Rachael, Geoff and our new editor, Kelly at the Cheesecake Factory, where I munched on yummy, yummy shrimp and pasta and also got a piece of blueberry and chocolate cheesecake to take home. (I forgot it in the fridge! Boo!) Rachael also surprised me with a little bunny-shaped cake, and this:

Bunny Love!

When I came home Z and I went to the yarn shop and I got some lovely lace weight alpaca so I can make this.I can’t seem to get away from blue yarn, but at least I know I’ll love/wear this.

Cascade Alpaca Lace

Now Z is making me a dinner of ginger tuna steaks, pan-seared scallops, fresh green beans and wild rice. It smells sooooo good from where I’m sitting on the couch.

It’s been a happy, happy day.


January 6, 2010

wonderful news

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So I have really really wonderful super fantabulous news: Z has a new job!

Z has been unemployed since May of last year. We started dating shortly after he was laid off; our first conversation involved me telling him that I was sorry he lost his job. We haven’t let it define our relationship, but it’s certainly been an aspect of it. Part of the challenge has been finding inexpensive or free dates to go on…in a way, it’s a lot like being back in college. Z kept himself up and running by applying for a bazillion positions (to no avail for a looooong time), living off his student loans and giving me smooches rather than flowers. I think I admire him the most for not losing his cool in a very troublesome and depressing situation. He’s the best.

That’s us on Halloween last year. Ironically, he went as the Monopoly man.

I know there are so many people out there right now without a job. One of the girls I worked with (with whom I am still good friends) was laid off in October and still hasn’t found anything. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am just to have a job at all.

Advice for those of you still muddling through the mire of unemployment: keep busy. Apply for everything you can. Don’t fall into a cycle of doubt and depression and low self-esteem. Although I realize that these things aren’t easy to master, and that unemployment is downright terrifying, as well as damaging to both your stress level and your wallet, just remember that things do get better. Nothing stays bad forever.

I feel like I should somehow tie this whole thing into a fantastic knitting analogy, but…I got nothin’. Just suffice it to say that I wanted to share a bright spot of my life with the world (or whoever cares enough to read) and to shed a little hope for those individuals who may need it. If you are one of those people, may good news come swiftly to your inbox.