April 4, 2010

The Friday Bunny

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The Sunday Easter edition!

Phoebe demands to know why the cantaloupe cup is empty.


March 26, 2010

The Friday Bunny

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"We're too sleepy to murder you right now. Come back later."

Hector did attempt to take Zach’s life last week. He chewed  through the charger cord for his iMac, and the exposed wires later ended up shocking Zach pretty badly. We thought Hector was the “good bunny.” Turns out he was biding his time and plotting our demises all along.

March 19, 2010

The Friday Bunny

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Thank goodness it’s the weekend.

*Starting something new! Check out Fridays for an amusing, quick, rabbit-related post.

March 4, 2010

guess what Peach is knitting

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I’m knitting a special something for a special somebody. Can you guess what it is? (Sorry for the untrue colors . . . that’s fluorescent lighting for you!)

Hint #1:


Hint #2:


I’ll reveal the finished project on Saturday.

Knitting has been coinciding with my mission to capture the Perfect Rabbit Picture. Attempts thus far have been mostly unsuccessful. My bunnies have camera-dar and can sense when I’m about to snap a picture; they shift or hop away at the most inconvenient time, resulting in a sub-par image.

My attempts:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

These last two aren’t so bad:

We’re working on it.

February 15, 2010


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NKY blizzard, round 3.

Woken up this morning at 6:27am by the sound of the maintenance guy doing some serious snow blowing. Right in front of my building.

The damage thus far:

Dreary, I know.

Looks like a day to stay in and knit! (And clean…and do laundry…)

P.S. Valentine’s Day was lovely. We kept it simple: a little gift exchange and Indian food for dinner. On Saturday I made Z shrimp scampi, which turned out fantastic. 🙂

Oh, and I was given this:

Yes, that is a rabbit shirt.

Z commissioned one of our friends, who specializes in printmaking, to design this shirt for me. I am the only one who owns one! I feel so special!

Like I said, we kept it simple. It was just nice to hang out with my honey and relax for a bit, before the start of the work week on Tuesday.

Stay warm, everyone!

February 12, 2010

where i work

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I love my job.

I’m sure there are people who say that they like where they work, but I think what they mean is that they don’t mind where they work. For them, work is still work; it’s a means to an end, and if it’s sometimes enjoyable or at least bearable, then it’s a good place to be.

But me? I actually love where I work. When I was in college, I studied fiction writing and editing, and actually served as the editor for three years on the campus literary magazine. Like most students, when I graduated I didn’t have a job waiting for me. I actually started my stint in the “real world” doing collections work for Citibank.

I found the job opening for an Associate Editor position with F+W media in January of 2009. The job required my experience in editing, but it also required a “love or interest in crafts.” Having been a knitter for a little over 2 years at that point, I definitely had an interest in crafts. I loved to knit, and enjoyed other crafty endeavors as well: scrapbooking, amateur sewing, and even rag quilting from time to time.I submitted my resume and figured that if I didn’t hear back, at least I took a shot at it.

I didn’t hear back.

Until March. I received an email asking if I was still interested in the position. I arranged an interview, nervously attended, answered questions and smiled a lot, and went home, convinced that I hadn’t gotten it. Four days after my birthday, in April, I got the call I’d been waiting for. I was hired!

F+W Media, under the imprints of Krause Publications and North Light Books, publishes 50-70 books that are specifically related to crafts: sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, mixed media, and a variety of others that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category (painting rocks, anyone?) Since my hire date in April, I’ve edited about 6 different books, including a knitting book called Take-Along Knitting. It’s so thrilling to see my name on that second page, even if it’s tiny. In some small way, it feels like my book.

Some of the books we publish. Check out Take-Along Knitting and Knitting Brioche!

This week I had an author in town for a step-by-step shoot. It’s a week where we shoot photos of the projects being assembled, from start to finish. It’s an extremely detail-oriented, and often exhausting part of my job, but it’s also one of my favorite parts. I have the privilege of meeting artists from across the country, from jewelry designers to encaustic wax painters, who love their craft as much as I love mine.

Shooting a step for the book.

Shooting a step for the book.

Author Tammy Kushnir, hard at work.


I’ve been so busy in the studio, we’ve had to push our bunny dates to 10pm or later each night. I’m happy to say that, despite a bad scuffle over the weekend (Phoebe’s fur went flying everywhere after that fight) we’ve succeeded in getting both rabbits to groom each other without much of a fuss. Phoebe likes to nibble on Hector’s head and fur; he doesn’t seem to mind though.

My name is Hector, and I'm a hay-aholic.

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend!

February 3, 2010

bunny love

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Wow, what a hectic few days it’s been. First of all, we have a new addition to our little rabbity family.

This is Hector.

Hector came to us from the Indiana House Rabbit Society. Dawn, the chapter manager (a woman who, among other things, once trimmed the nails on over 600 rabbit paws in one day) guided us through the process of choosing a bond mate for Phoebe. On Sunday Z and I drove the one and a half hours to Indianapolis to meet six eligible bachelors. After a few promising dates, Hector (then named Dogwood) was brought in. Both rabbits seemed calm around the other, and then, suddenly, Phoebe flopped down. We knew he was the one.

Hector comes from a very sad situation. He was rescued with many, many other New Zealand whites who were crammed into a tiny room after their “owner”, a man who had been breeding the rabbits for meat, abandoned the project. The rabbits were discovered in terrible condition; many of them had ear mites and were living in several inches of their own waste. Hector has a few marks on his ears that we believe are scars from fighting with other rabbits he was forced to live with. It’s really remarkable that he can relate to other rabbits in a positive way at all.

You can read more about the Missouri rabbit rescue here, although I caution that some of the images are disturbing.

Since Sunday we’ve spent our evenings in the bathroom, slowly encouraging them to get along. On day one there was one minor squabble, but mostly they ignored each other (a good sign) and groomed themselves nervously.

Rabbits “present”‘ themselves to be groomed when they want to be dominant, and Phoebe has persisted in shoving her head beneath Hector’s chin, side and even bum, insisting on being groomed. Hector has refused so far.

You're going to groom me whether you like it or not, buster.

That is, until tonight!

After smearing banana mash on the tops of their heads in an attempt to get them to groom one another (they subsequently ignored it) I decided to rinse their heads to get the sticky off. I took a warm, sopping wet paper towel and wiped off Hector’s, and then Phoebe’s head. They both started grooming themselves, and then, suddenly, Hector made the move to groom Phoebe. He kissed her tenderly for about a minute, during which time Phoebe tooth purred and closed her eyes in contentment.

We were shocked that such a simple gesture as cleaning off smeared banana would lead to such a promising sign. We think that with a few more days they’ll be ready to move back out to the living room to romp around together. Another week, and they might be able to move into a condo together!

Here are some pictures of the bonding session, after Hector groomed Phoebe. You can see how content they both are with one another.

Okay, Hector, you can eat now. I'm stuffed.

You're my snugglebunny.

I am teh longest bunneh evah.

We might be spending all our spare time in the bathroom, but it’s actually kind of fun to see them get on together. Here’s to bunny love.

January 20, 2010

a new home for Phoebe

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Over the weekend Z and I built Phoebe a rabbit condo. What’s a rabbit condo? you might ask. And why in the heck does a rabbit need one?

Well, other than the fact that Phoebe is our “only child” and is probably one of the most spoiled bunnies in the world, rabbits who don’t get enough exercise often suffer from malocclusion weak and underdeveloped muscles.  Since I work eight hours a day and five days a week and Z has a new job and full time school, we didn’t want to leave our bun alone in the apartment in a cage she could hardly stand up in.

So we decided to build her a rabbit condo.

Due to the rise in domestic rabbit ownership in America in the last ten years, the concept of a rabbit condo apparently isn’t wholly unfamiliar, but it certainly was to us. Luckily, after some research on the internets we found a wonderful tutorial that basically spelled it out, from start to finish, step by step.

Here are some pictures of us building it:

And the completed condo. Can you spot the bunny?

The entire project cost us about $100-$200 less than a “professional” rabbit condo would have, and it was fun to build, besides. Who knew we could be so handy with cable ties and wire storage cubes?

Okay, I know some of you are probably like “That Peach, she is so crazy for that rabbit. Man, is that rabbit spoiled.” And you know what? You’d be absolutely right.

But look at that bunny. How could you resist?

Edit (1/26/2010): Malocclusion is actually a term that describes misaligned teeth. While this is also a malady that besets rabbits, it is not the same as weakened muscles, obviously. I regret the error.