April 1, 2010

birthday birthday

Posted in good news at 6:44 pm by peachknits

It’s been an absolutely lovely day. I am 24 today.

I woke up to freshly brewed coffee that Z made (he had snuck out last night and bought a coffee maker for me, and then programmed it to brew for this morning). I came into the office with a card from all my coworkers and two BIG bundles of fiber waiting for me (from Jenni).

Blue and purple: 85% merino, 15% silk; Blue, pink and orange: 70% Seacell, 30% silk

I was able to go out to lunch with Jenni, Rachael, Geoff and our new editor, Kelly at the Cheesecake Factory, where I munched on yummy, yummy shrimp and pasta and also got a piece of blueberry and chocolate cheesecake to take home. (I forgot it in the fridge! Boo!) Rachael also surprised me with a little bunny-shaped cake, and this:

Bunny Love!

When I came home Z and I went to the yarn shop and I got some lovely lace weight alpaca so I can make this.I can’t seem to get away from blue yarn, but at least I know I’ll love/wear this.

Cascade Alpaca Lace

Now Z is making me a dinner of ginger tuna steaks, pan-seared scallops, fresh green beans and wild rice. It smells sooooo good from where I’m sitting on the couch.

It’s been a happy, happy day.



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  1. Rachael said,

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday! The dinner Z made you sounds amazing!

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