February 15, 2010


Posted in bunny, general at 8:08 am by peachknits

NKY blizzard, round 3.

Woken up this morning at 6:27am by the sound of the maintenance guy doing some serious snow blowing. Right in front of my building.

The damage thus far:

Dreary, I know.

Looks like a day to stay in and knit! (And clean…and do laundry…)

P.S. Valentine’s Day was lovely. We kept it simple: a little gift exchange and Indian food for dinner. On Saturday I made Z shrimp scampi, which turned out fantastic. šŸ™‚

Oh, and I was given this:

Yes, that is a rabbit shirt.

Z commissioned one of our friends, who specializes in printmaking, to design this shirt for me. I am the only one who owns one! I feel so special!

Like I said, we kept it simple. It was just nice to hang out with my honey and relax for a bit, before the start of the work week on Tuesday.

Stay warm, everyone!



  1. Rachael said,

    Super cute shirt! Z did good!

  2. marri said,

    adorable! what a good honey!

  3. Kaitlyn said,

    Dude, I totally have an “I love prairie dog” shirt. That can’t be beat, even by a bunny shirt.

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