January 20, 2010

a new home for Phoebe

Posted in bunny at 12:38 am by peachknits

Over the weekend Z and I built Phoebe a rabbit condo. What’s a rabbit condo? you might ask. And why in the heck does a rabbit need one?

Well, other than the fact that Phoebe is our “only child” and is probably one of the most spoiled bunnies in the world, rabbits who don’t get enough exercise often suffer from malocclusion weak and underdeveloped muscles.  Since I work eight hours a day and five days a week and Z has a new job and full time school, we didn’t want to leave our bun alone in the apartment in a cage she could hardly stand up in.

So we decided to build her a rabbit condo.

Due to the rise in domestic rabbit ownership in America in the last ten years, the concept of a rabbit condo apparently isn’t wholly unfamiliar, but it certainly was to us. Luckily, after some research on the internets we found a wonderful tutorial that basically spelled it out, from start to finish, step by step.

Here are some pictures of us building it:

And the completed condo. Can you spot the bunny?

The entire project cost us about $100-$200 less than a “professional” rabbit condo would have, and it was fun to build, besides. Who knew we could be so handy with cable ties and wire storage cubes?

Okay, I know some of you are probably like “That Peach, she is so crazy for that rabbit. Man, is that rabbit spoiled.” And you know what? You’d be absolutely right.

But look at that bunny. How could you resist?

Edit (1/26/2010): Malocclusion is actually a term that describes misaligned teeth. While this is also a malady that besets rabbits, it is not the same as weakened muscles, obviously. I regret the error.



  1. Kaitlyn said,

    Peach! I love the rabbit condo! She is a lucky bunny and cute to boot. I will have to come and spoil her sometime soon as her self-appointed rabbit aunt.

  2. Rachael said,

    You guys are so handy! What a lucky bunny.

  3. marri said,

    it’s amazing!

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