January 6, 2010

a new year, suddenly

Posted in knitting at 2:27 am by peachknits

And suddenly, it was 2010.

I look back at 2009 and feel exhausted. You know that feeling you get when you’ve worked really hard all day and you fall into bed and your muscles are sore but it feels sooooo good? That’s how I feel about the previous year. It’s brought some big changes in my life. I got a new job. I moved into a new apartment. I fell in love with Z. There’s a part of me that’s simply astounded at how quickly the year has gone by; what the hell happened to these months, these hours and minutes?!

Part of the reason I started this blog was to keep better track of my life, starting with my biggest obsession: knitting. A little backstory: I’ve been knitting for over three years. I was taught by my best friend’s mother (actually, I learned the knit stitch on my own, but she helped me with purling). My first FO was an Official Kittyville Hat from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch. It was a horrible combination of poor yarn choice (fluffy, floppy pink alpaca) and beginner’s folly (mistakes, mistakes galore). But it was a starting point, and I haven’t looked back since. Three years later, and I have a stash the size of Montana (Z once said that I had enough yarn to knit Mother Earth a sweater), a fetish for alpaca-silk blends and an unabashed fondness for shawls and lace.

This blog will be a record of my knitting adventures, yarn fiascoes, pattern snafus, personal triumphs and knitting-related job happenings. My ego tells me that, with a million of these things floating around on the internet, no one will probably ever read any of this. But that’s okay. For right now, and for an indeterminate time into the future, this is for me.


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  1. Jen said,

    I am so excited to read this blog! You’re amazing and I know this blog will be so worth reading!!!!

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